HaitiData is a platform designed to disseminate, share and exploit GIS and cartographic data about Haiti. This idea was born after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. The first version of HaitiData has been used by several actors and partners involved in risk and disaster management, urban planning, agriculture and food security, spatial planning, environmental management, infrastructure, statistics, tourism, topographic mapping, thematic mapping, etc.

CNIGS, as the national agency whose official mission is to collect and disseminate spatial data in Haiti (and the main governmental agency in terms of GIS capabilities), is therefore in charge of the platform.

The data hosted on HaitiData is accessible to the general public and improves exchange and collaboration between Ministries, NGOs, the international community, academia and the private sector.

HaitiData.org is based on GeoNode which is an open source geospatial platform and a web technology tool.


This section is a shortcut for access to aerial images and digital terrain models. These dedicated pages allow you to download a subset of these raster data, defined by drawing polygons on the same layer.

Aerial images

It is an aerial coverage at a spatial resolution of 25 cm. The mosaic is composed of 3617 datasets.

Aerial images


This is a numerical surface model derived from a LiDAR flight and with a spatial resolution of 1.5 m. The mosaic is composed by 1873 datasets.


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